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Marc Jacobs Beauty - Lust for Lacquer Full Coverage Lip Vinyl 202 Paint It Review

Ever since I got pregnant, I haven't been buying anymore beauty or makeup products since I decided it would be safer so cut down my skincare regime to the bare minimum and not working also means I'm at home a lot so there goes the need for makeup...*looks wistfully at her mountain of goodies from Japan*


Dinner with a girlfriend last week inevitably led to some strolling down the makeup aisle and a romp through Sephora turned up a 30% promo on the Marc Jacobs lippies! Up came last year's temptation to get the Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl (U.P S$39 / 5ml) and so I skipped away with a full coverage version in 202 Paint It~

Pictured with a few other recent purchases =)
Product Description:

Satisfy your lip gloss craving with Marc's color-drenched, champagne-infused lip vinyl. This gently plumping formula wears like no other, while the unique pillowed applicator is an experience that leaves you lusting for more.

Available in 6 full and 6 sheer coverage color palettes, with names inspired by Marc's favorite music. Full Coverage is decorated with a black logo and features a pointed applicator for a more precise application, while the Sheer formula has a silver logo and an oval paddle for an effortless application. 

Extracted from

202 Paint It has been described as a terracotta red but strikes me more like a corally pink. A very easy colour to wear, sort of a vibrant my-lips-but-better shade! 

The packaging is simple and sleek, a transparent flat-ish oblong tube with a screw-on top that pops up on it's own after a few turns. Seems sturdy enough and I haven't experienced any sort of leakage so far.

The pointed applicator is pretty sturdy and makes for precise application. The formula is on the light side, like a slightly watery gel and not as thick or sticky as some lip glosses. Gloppiness is a big turn-off for me so thumbs up for that!
Swatches true to colour~

Nice gloss factor!

I had the swatch on for about 10 seconds while I took the shots and it left a slight stain that removes easily with water-based makeup remover.

On the lips, one swipe out of the tube was enough for full on coverage:

A clearer lip swatch - taken in natural daylight

In indoor white light

This is really one of those shades that goes from day to night easily if you're not vamping it up. The plumping effect is quite minimal but my lips are on the full side already so maybe it's just me. There's a minty feeling after application that lasts about 5min that I quite enjoy, nothing too strong. The packaging says 'Champagne Grape infused' but it smells more minty than anything, reminds me of the Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao (Loquat Cough Syrup) we take when we have a bad throat. It's not a strong fragrance so you probably wouldn't notice it unless you put your nose to the tube~

Headed out for a wedding dinner and came back about 5 - 6 hours later with a pretty good stain still on my lips. Only touched up once halfway through dinner for some photos and dabbed my mouth at least 10 times over the evening.

Sorry for the slightly blurry pic but you can see that the stain is pretty decent! ^^ Despite being in aircon all evening, my lips weren't too dried out so I would say there's a slight hydrating effect. After removing the stain I realised there was actually a small dry patch on my upper lip that was completely camouflaged by the lip colour, that's a plus!

So to wrap up, the Marc Jacobs Beauty Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl:

  • Easily available at Sephora, slightly pricey at S$39 but you can always look out for in-store & online deals~
  • Available in both sheer and full coverage shades, 12 in total.
  • Sleek, sturdy tube, transparent so you know when product is low, with custom applicators for sheer and full coverage shades.
  • Full coverage as promised, dabs well and leaves a pretty good stain considering this is one of the 'gentler' shades in the the full coverage lineup.
  • Has a light watery gel texture that isn't thick or sticky, very comfortable!
  • Leaves a refreshing minty feeling after application that lasts about 5 min.
  • Didn't notice much plumping effect on me.
  • Slightly hydrating, didn't highlight any dry patches or fine lines, didn't bleed either!

With the 30% promo, this was a really good deal! I love me a lightweight full coverage lip gloss anyday, and in such a pretty colour no less =) Well worth checking out!

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