Friday, 27 February 2015

Just a little ramble and a romp~

How do you like the new banner? I think it looks kinda babyish XP but since that's where I'm headed in a few months it seemed quite appropriate hehe

Chinese New Year has come and gone, with much less fanfare as compared to previous years =( The Husband isn't a fan of visiting so my outings have dwindled after our about the old ball & chain huh.

Not sure if it's hormones but I get bored easily and go through bouts of irritability during this 2nd trimester...oh I'm a little past 5 months now by the way~ *flashes a peace sign* Gained like 6kg only to be told by the doctor that that's too much weight too soon! Blaarrgghhhhhh~~~~ my husband and my mom are more than happy to wave that bit of info in front of me now whenever I reach for my beloved rice (or anything remotely related to carbo and sugar). Pppfffttttttt I hate it when people get between me and my food.. ( =_____= )|||

On the other hand, I did manage to wander around Takashimaya and Westgate mall over the last couple weeks and managed to buy a couple of items to inject some life into my otherwise boring beauty routine!

Maybelline Hypersharp Wingliner snagged at S$11.90 at Watsons!

White Wash Carbonated Foam - whitening & brightening facial foam S$26 at Tokyu Hands

Lits Wistea Skin Revival Lift Ex serum - Bought from Matsumoto Kiyoshi on my Tokyo trip but is
also available at Tokyu Hands Westgate in Singapore. Retails around S$50-60 from what I remember =P

I've only been using the Lits Wistea serum and WhiteWash facial foam for a couple days so I can't say much about the effects as yet. But I've experienced no adverse reactions, which is a good start!

The romp through Tokyu Hands really....REALLY....made my heart ache for Japan (Y__Y) If I had known I was gonna get pregnant at this time I would've shopped more during last year's trip!!!! ARRRGGHHH!! So tempted by the Yokohama Canvas totes by the way >_< the designs are so classically simple Japanese and the canvas feels SO tough! But forking out S$200 for a simple tote seems....extravagant at this moment when I'm forking out hundreds for hospital visits every month.. =((( Contemplated a sakura-viewing trip this year but mom does not approve for fear of~~~ get this....radiation ( =____= ) *throws hands up in exasperation*

Sigh....oh Tokyo, when can I see you again~

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