Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Tokyo Affair 2014 - DisneySea

Ok so again, it's a belated post 'cos I actually got back last Monday (boohoo). A week was definitely too short for me and since I was playing tourist guide on & off for The Husband, everything was kinda rushed. But still, Tokyo is always a good recharger! =D

We took ScootBiz this year as I'd gotten the sale fare during the Boxing Day sale last year ^_^v Easy flight there and the Taipei transit wasn't as troublesome as I'd thought. Unfortunately, extra leg room doesn't really work for me when there's no leg rest. Note to self - bring a cabin bag to fulfill that purpose if purchasing extra leg room. Another down side was that the return flight was at noon so my last day there was completely wasted. I usually fly Delta so I'd gotten used to having about half a day before my return flight to Singapore. But anyway, I digress.

Random shots on the NEX! I was using the miniature mode thus the blurring on the sides (^__^;;)

This year was my first visit to DisneySea so I thought I would start with that!

Again, very easy to get there, just take the JR to Maihama station, purchase your tickets, hop on the Disney Monorail (with separately purchased tickets) and get off at the DisneySea station.

Once we entered, we joined the crowd for the Legend of Mythica show which was quite a production!

I was terribly fascinated by her wig and tail!

Right? Right? These barges were really beautiful and there was so much going on everywhere you couldn't decide where to look! We also caught Big Band Beat which featured a live big band (y'know, like Swing Girls?) and was a 30min Broadway style music theatre show with singers, dancers and of course the Disney cast. Nice!

Random cuteness.

Sneakshot of the girl beside me =P She was DRIPPING with pluto fashion btw.

The current theme was Spring Voyage so they had lots of these luggage displays scattered throughout the park~


One can also pretend you've visited Venice.

In the American Waterfront, you'll pass Hotel Hightower aka the Tower of Terror. I'd taken this ride in the States when I was much younger. And my brother has never quite forgiven my dad for conning him into taking this ride. What happens is after a tour of the mysterious *waggles fingers* hotel's various floors, you find yourself in a big elevator which is brought up to a niiccceee hiiiiigh height where the huge blocked up windows of the tower swing open to show you the beautiful view of DisneySea before dropping you. Twice. My butt left the seat and I swore never to take it again.

I know it doesn't look THAT high in the photo...but believe me, it is.

Meals weren't as expensive as I'd expected...or maybe I was on a tighter budget last year...and they have your options neatly categorized according to budget in the park map so that was helpful. Restaurant Sakura in the same park area offered a pretty good lunch for about S$50?

Chicken teriyaki set and Beef steak set, a little on the small side but yum! so fresh and yet we didn't have any fish. =___= like seriously man.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around, just taking in all the sights and sounds. Compared to Disneyland, Disney Sea is more grownup so there was less of the It's-A-Small-World-After-All vibe and nowhere near as many mascots appearing for photo ops. Can't quite decide which is better though =\

But obviously, it's a beautiful place and its charm changes as the sun sets...

I also rediscovered those penny presses! Haven't gotten these for the longest time as I remember them from my childhood as rather murky but these new machines are really good! And so many designs to collect! I resisted the temptation and only got 4.

Conclusion - Disney is definitely the place to get your dose of cute and whimsy. Where else can you see 60 yr-olds decked up like Minnie Mouse, 2 thumbs up!

Overall it was a good day, even though the fireworks got cancelled AGAIN due to strong winds. 2 years in a row, what're the odds! Better luck next year huh~ =)

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