Friday, 22 March 2013

Classic Beauty Sins - Are you guilty?

This, like my previous post on product expiration dates, is one of those topics that need to be refreshed every now and then so that we don't forget~

My biggest beauty sin is.....forgetting to wash my sponges and brushes! T___T I know I know~~ Bad! Big no-no!! It seems like such a small, easy thing to do, keeping your makeup applicators clean so you don't further pollute your skin.. But it's one of those things that always slips my mind.... Theoretically, I should be washing them about once a week but I usually end up using the sponge/brush for almost a month before I remember to wash them! ~~~~( >_<)
  • Sleeping with your makeup on
This is the BIGGEST classic beauty no-no of them all. Common sense will tell you why. The night time is when your skin has it's Me Time, regenerating tissue, repairing itself from the daytime damage so it needs to be nice, clean and unclogged so it can do its thing~ Thankfully, many brands have now introduced one-stop makeup remover+cleansers like micellar cleansing water from Bioderma and Nuxe. Now there's little excuse to crash with your makeup on~

  • Popping your zits
Another classic! Everybody knows this one. It's easier to not pop your zits than to not touch your face. I find myself often touching my face when I have a zit, just to check if it's still there! >_< Shan't go into detail about this since it's common sense that popping a zit traumatises your skin and leaves an open pore that can accumulate dirt and grime and potentially leave a scar.

  • Washing your face with hot water

Some routines advocate cleansing your face with hot water, citing reasons like increased circulation as one of the pros. But by using hot water, you risk breaking the fragile capillaries on your face, especially those around the delicate eye area! So stick to tepid or, if you prefer, lukewarm water~

  • Always sleeping on the same side of your face

Sleeping on the same side of your face doesn't seem to be something you can control but if doing so could result in permanent fine lines, wouldn't you try to be more conscientious about it? Skin being squished against the pillow over and over can cause wrinkles so try layering a bean-shaped or neck pillow over your usual pillow so that only the edges of your face are resting on the pillow~

  • Washing your face before your hair

You might have heard that certain shampoos and conditioners can aggravate the skin near the hairline and cause zits but did you know that the sequence matters too? Especially if you have sensitive skin, shampoo and conditioning should always come before washing your face. This is because hair treatments are usually loaded with oils, which can clog and aggravate the pores situated along the hairline and lead to breakouts. So always make sure to cleanse your face of any shampoo/hair mask residue after washing your hair~

  • Overdosing on the moisturiser
Ok ok I know it isn't exactly a photo of moisturiser, but it's cute right? =P

The thing with moisturisers is, too much of a good thing can be bad. Excess product won't be absorbed deep enough into the skin's cellular tissue and can end up clogging the pores instead because the skin can't breathe. This can result in breakouts and the formation of milia! So don't be tempted to overdose. Instead, pick a good moisturiser and just use a 10 to 20 cent sized amt each time!


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Most of the beauty no-nos are classics, I haven't seen any 'new-age' no-nos as yet. Have you? What's your biggest beauty sin?

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