Friday, 8 March 2013

The Invisible Lipstick - L'Oreal Universal Lip Glow

I chanced upon the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Universal Lip Glow at the Paris Airport Duty Free. On 40% sale, it was only 6 euros (approx S$10)! Last one on the display, it was too cheap to pass up~ Released in 2011, this is far from a new product but I've never noticed it before... >_< ..was it ever released in Singapore? I think in 2011 I wasn't so much into oodles and oodles of makeup =P

Adaptable Colour L'Oréal Paris' first lipstick that adapts uniquely to the heat and moisture of your lips to form a bespoke, individual colour. The result: a tailor-made shade of pink with a subtle finish.
- L'Oreal Paris

And then I saw it at the arrival hall duty free in Singapore Changi Airport, a 3-pack for S$43~ With my discount it comes up to about S$10 each =| I like it but 3 at one go?

Fun transparent pink! Looks like candy~
Enriched with pomegranate extract, emollient oil and polymers, this non-wax balm is lightweight and goes on transparent, only reacting with the heat and moisture of your lips to slide into a natural shade of pink~ I'd bought something similar before, it was some Korean brand lipgloss but I didn't like it because it was gloppy and felt sticky the whole time I had it on. Bleagh.

This balm however, is super lightweight and does keep the lips moisturised nicely. Check out the colour with just 1 layer:

1 layer gives you the appearance of bitten lips =) Depending on the state of my lips, I notice it varies, sometimes giving a slightly deeper pink shade. So it's anyone's guess what shade you'll end up with, but it's likely you'll like it if you're a fan of rosy pinkish shades~

You can also get a richer shade by layering the product~ Like so:

Pls ignore the slightly swollen eye T_T I had an argument with my contact lens.
I love the subtle gloss factor here. It looks glossy but feels balmy! And the colours I've been getting are very natural, pretty too!

The staying power is.....decent. The colour stays on me for a few hours, through a meal and drinks. I feel I have to touchup after a meal though, because I want to retain that glossy look. But because you don't have to pay too much attention to applying since it's exactly like a regular lipbalm, touching up on the go is a breeze.

In summary, the L'Oreal Universal Lip Glow:
  • is an affordable, easy to use balm stain (check out duty free and online stores for offers!)
  • a variety of rosy/pink shades are possible, you have to try to know for sure though
  • is a lightweight balm stain with a lovely glossy finish
  • decent staying power for the colour, the glossy/balmy finish won't last through a meal though
  • touchups are easy due to the sturdy, waxy texture, just slap on like a regular lipbalm!
  • straight up a nice-to-have product =)
Since this isn't a new product, you might have already seen this. But if this is the first you've heard of it, keep a lookout ok? It's real nice!

Have a rosy weekend everyone!! ^__^

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