Monday, 23 December 2013

No Frills Xmas Giftwrapping~

Just another day to Christmas! Have you finished this year's giftwrapping? ^_^

While most department stores and merchants have giftwrapping services, I usually wrap my own presents so I know which packages under the tree are from me. And also for that small personal touch. Though I'm not the most creative nor the neatest giftwrapper, I like to try!

This year, I've taken to using brown paper a lot for packages so why would Xmas be any different =P I like how brown paper makes it look like the package came from the baker or butcher's shop or something along those lines.. It's cheap, easy and extremely versatile!

You only need: Scissors, Tape, Black Marker & Brown Paper

So you basically wrap your gifts up whichever way you like then doodle on them with the black marker~ I like to line the edges of the paper to make them look more cartoonish~ It also helps to accent the edges if I've used the scalloping scissors on them.

Doesn't need to be complicated, something simple like this works too!

Then you'll end up with really simple, old skool-looking stuff like this!

I'm also quite pleased with these ribbons I found (on sale, 50% off!) at this store called The Good Things~ Not sure if you can see the text but it says: ' Caution! Panic Purchase. ' I also got another pack that says 'You're Old' for birthdays. Hehehehehe~

So this is more or less my share of this year's pile of gifts for the tree~


I'll admit they'll look plainer and less glitzy than the other presents but it feels good to wrap them by myself =)


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