Thursday, 2 January 2014

Belated New Year Greetings!

I'm a day or 2 late but~

HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~~ ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
What were you up to on new years eve? Relaxing with loved ones in the cool year-end weather or partying the night away? =D Either way, I hope you had a lovely night!
Yours truly? I was home with a most unglamorous cold! (and still am. =_=)
I wanted to recall 2013 in a single wonderful day...and it would have to be...
Tokyo Disneyland 30th Anniversary 2013!!
Yeah!!! Tokyo Disneylandddddd~~~~!!!! Because I'm a 4 year-old trapped in an adult body~~~!! The last time I was there, I was 1 year old. Now 30 years later, just in time for Tokyo Disney's big 3-0~ I had such fun there, it really really felt like I was a kid again and everything in the world was happy and easy and all smiles & laughter. (Screw you adulthood.) Looking forward to my next trip cos I'm hoping to bring the husband there~ (^_^)
So moving on, what's your resolution this year hmm? Mine's an oldie but a goodie. It's part of my resolution every year =P
This year, I resolve to~~~ NOT SPEND SO MUCH.
Yes. My goal is to prevent THIS (sohelpmegod) :
...from happening again. And again and again. >___<
But seriously, my flat will be ready around end 2014 so I really need to tighten them purse strings abit...... After all the year end expenditure, what with X'mas and all....just bought new Furla specs...upcoming holiday in June (no prizes for guessing where to)....ohh mann....*deflates*
Umm...I also resolve to eat less carbs. *coughs*
(。^_^。 )人( 。^_^。) Hope we all have a good 2014~~!!! (。^_^。 )人( 。^_^。)

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