Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Body Buffer?

I know it's been a pretty long since my last post~ Sorry for the disappearance but it's been a crazy busy month and honestly, October is looking pretty packed too...T_T

So anyway~ a couple weeks ago I decided on a whim to pick up the Kenassy Hair Removal Puff (with collagen) as I'd been itching to know if it worked for a pretty long while =D In the name of science (and whimsy) I decided this was one of those things whose efficacy I had to find out for myself. =P

Retails at S$10 at Watsons
The Kenassy Hair Removal Puff supposedly removes unwanted hair from legs and arms quickly and efficiently with no fuss no muss. The green side acts as sort of a buffer after hair removal to even out skin tone and reduce pore visibility~

A look at the back of the box info:


So basically you just hold it against your skin and go in little circles~ Here's a closeup of the 2 sides, but you can't really see the difference. The pink side is just a tad scratchier and the blue side is smooth, like silicon.

Tried the puff on my legs~

I think you can see that the hair is pretty much all gone and I will testify that buffing with the blue side did make my skin feel very soft and extra smooth. But the amount of work that went into circling that hair away was pretty tiring! I'm pretty sure I got a decent arm workout~

I later tried it on the finer hairs on my legs and unfortunately, the puff failed to work its removal magic there =\

So in short, the Kenassy Hair Removal Puff:
  • is able to remove the coarser hairs but doesn't do so well with fine hair
  • blue skin smoothening side does the job very well, making the skin smooth (both visually and to the tough) after hair removal
  • the circling action required for hair removal can be quite tiring as it takes awhile to do its job
  • definitely won't repurchase but it's kind of a novelty item...use it when you wanna do hair removal and arm workout at one go~ =P
Have a good rest-of-the-week~!


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      1. Ohhhh no wonder~~ Thanks for the headsup!! (^--^)


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