Monday, 11 February 2013

Luna Sea Asian Tour 2013 - Singapore

Caution: This is a fangirly post (>_<)

I'm not sure how many of my readers know who Luna Sea is....but I've been a fan of this Japanese rock band for a little over a decade and last Friday was their FIRST EVER concert in Singapore! I've been to their concerts overseas but to have them in my own country is just...special. So happy that they (or their management) has finally decided to take some notice of our little sunny country!

Unfortunately, I was stuck at the phone service centre for a good half of the day so I was running really late and didn't have time to do my face properly (T_T) So no face shots people~ Also, sorry for the substandard photos, which are from my husband's phone as I'd forgotten *facepalm* to bring my camera!

Outfit Breakdown:

Dress & Belt - Gina Tricot
Tri-buckle Boots - Spirit
Polka Dot & Stripe Socks - Daiso
Accessories - CottonOn, Monki, Far East Plaza

More photos after the cut!

My favourite snaps during the concert!! I was in the 2nd row this time, WAYYYYY up close!! Needless to say I spent the entire 2 hours singing and screaming my lungs out~ (A mature adult. who? me? =P)


As you can see, I'm very much a guitarist girl. Married one too. (^_~)
And of course like any good fangirl, I spend good money on tour goods! =P

Clockwise from top left: Towel, boxers (in the pouch; my husband wanted one),
mobile phone acessory & wristlet pouch

Is a happy girl despite a hoarse throat! \(^o^)/
I was SO wound up after the concert it took hours for me to calm down enough to get to sleep lol~ *sigh* Hope they'll include Singapore again on their next Asian tour~~ x(>_<)x Take My Moneyyyyy~~~

Do you have any artistes who make you go all crazy fangirly? =D

Oh and Happy Chinese New Year! Here's wishing you all and your families Good Fortune, Good Health, Full Stomaches and Fuller Wallets! ^_^


  1. I also went for the concert too!!~ ♡^_^

    1. Yeah I saw you~ ^^ and turns out we hv mutual friends, I wld've met you if my husband and I had joined for dinner! (⌒▽⌒)


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