Thursday, 7 February 2013

Eyeshadow Appliques - Instant Eye Makeup FTW?

Do you remember the movie 5th Element? Starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich, it was a '97 futuristic pop sci-fi flick that was really fun to watch...and who can forget the blue Diva Plavalaguna!

Sorry for the digression but I just HAD TO pop this video in! >_< It was 1997 and I was very impressionable. It starts off kinda slow but heats up at the 3:20 mark =D

But back to makeup. One of the cool futuristic thingamajigs that appeared in the film was a Chanel automatic eye-makeup applicator helmet/visor which Milla Jovovich's character popped on and tadah! Gorgeous eyemakeup in seconds! And that's what the Colour On Professional Eye Shadow Appliques reminded me of~

S$19.90 from Watsons
The box contains 4 different shades (other combinations also available), setting powder and brush.

Since the appliques can be re-used several times, S$19.90 seems a reasonable price =) For my 1st try, I thought I'd choose something not too flashy so I got the Envy Kit, which is a set of brown variations~

More after the cut!

As you can see, Envy contains very 'safe' colours..

Envy Kit's Desert Sand strip

The colour off the strip is a tad sticky but still blendable without too much tugging. After brushing on some setting powder, it's all good. The only problem was...Desert Sand was TOO LIGHT!! I didn't expect it to turn out so white =( So I had to layer it with a little brown and bronze shadow off my H&M palette.

Whoops my face is too big \(  >_<  )/ But anyhoo, I was out for the rest of the day and for once, my eyeshadow didn't crease and my lids didn't go oily! And believe me, my eyeshadow usually doesn't hold up well without constant blotting and touching up =\

Hence my conclusion that the Colour On Professional Instant Eyeshadow Applique:
  • delivers on its easy application, long-wearing, crease-proof promise
  • unfortunately does not have a very wide range of colours, only 3 different kits from what I recall, nothing very adventurous
  • appliques might be too big for some so you might need to tweak the size
  • multi-usage possibilities make it reasonably priced
  • setting powder and brush can be used for your own eyeshadows
  • works well as a base too

At the end of the day, I'm not likely to buy it again but it was a fun notion and quite convenient. Just slap on, blend and go! What do you think of these instant makeup methods?

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