Friday, 15 February 2013

Yummy in mah Tummy~ ^__^

In the wake of Chinese New Year, food is very much on the mind~ So why not a food post? With me, you can't go wrong with Japanese food. It has such a wide range of starch and veg and protein, red meat, white meat, cooked, raw, you name it they have it. So no matter the size of my appetite that day, there'll always be something suitable~

One of my favourite Japanese casual restaurants in Singapore is Watami for the reasonable pricing and good eats. Every so often, they tweak the menu (usually according to seasons or occasions in Japan) a little so that customers have something new to sink their teeth into. Tried some of their new items when I was there a couple weeks ago!

Nobody can say I'm a poor eater =P
Order up!!

The Kankoku Butechige was unfortunately only so-so. It tastes like the regular spicy chige hotpots the restaurant serves with just a slight variation in the ingredients like the addition of noodles, mini sausages, potato and rice cake (which I'm not a fan of). And it's really too much stuff for 1 person >_<

From Left: Beef Short Ribs and Japanese-style Grilled Egg

The Japanese-style Grilled Egg was quite nice. Rich yet fluffy and with lots of ingredients like Japanese fishcake, shitake mushrooms, crabstick and chunks of chicken~ Sort of like a grilled version of Chawanmushi I guess? The stone pot also helped keep it warm for a very long time~ My girlfriend and I are rather slow eaters (about 2 hours for a full meal) and this dish maintained its warmth till I was down to the last few mouthfuls! Again, this is too much egg for 1 person >_< Nice but you really need to split this with someone.

Now the BEEF.


Served with a slice of butter to coat the pan with, self-cooking means I can have a perfect medium well piece of beef! And it was SOOOOO nice! It was really soft and juicy... *Homer Simpson drool* @__@ I honestly wasn't expecting it to be so nice!

Just the way I like it!

With the sides of grilled thinly sliced pumpkin and diced potato, it was really quite perfect! I'll probably get some rice to go with it next time! Now if only they had an upsized serving available.... ^__^

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  1. I'm hungry now Rhi. Definitely, one thing I love more than make-up is food. ^_____^


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