Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Urban Decay Spring 2014 - Naked Ultra Nourishing Gloss

I recently came into ownership of a few products that have yet to hit the local market =D So~ whee! I'm quite excited to review them~

This~~~ is the Naked Ultra Nourishing Gloss from Urban Decay's Spring 2014 collection~ Already available in the States of course, this range of nourishing lip glosses come in 9 'Naked' shades (varying natural shades) and is touted as 'Like a luxe balm and a rich gloss in one, it’s laced with ingredients that are good for your skin—like Hyaluronic Filling Spheres™, vitamin E, avocado oil and shea butter to hydrate and condition your lips. Rosehip seed oil provides an extra hit of vitamins, including vitamin A and vitamin C.' (extracted from Urban Decay) The formula is also vegan and free of parabens, sulphates and phthalates.

Set to retail at S$32, I have to say, the packaging is pretty gorgeous~

Love the cut-out NAKED!!

So easy to spot in the sea of black packaging in my makeup bag~

From top: Lovechild and Nude

Lovechild is described as a 'Medium Pink' and Naked, a 'Nude-Pink with pearly pink shift'.

I expected Lovechild to be a tad brighter but the swatches proved otherwise. Naked was..well...naked with only a very light hint of colour so it's mostly gloss effect. Lovechild too, was surprisingly sheer.

From left: Lovechild and Naked

The brush is a slim, slanted paddle applicator that doesn't pick up too much gloss from the tube so no worries about a gloppy mess on your applicator~

One layer of gloss was quite enough for me since I'm not usually a lip gloss wearer...too much shine and stickiness isn't really my thing...
Decided to give Lovechild a whirl!
Aside from a slight pink tone to my lips, it's pretty much all gloss factor. Personally, I quite like the colour because I'm very much a nude/au naturale kinda girl but this is probably disappointing for fans expecting a little more.
The gloss was also unfortunately a tad sticky in the beginning..such that strands of my hair would stick to my mouth if the wind blew but it seemed to settle in after some time and stopped being so sticky.
Here's another shot where you can see the gloss factor abit better.

You can also see the slight pink it lends to my lips, quite pretty actually ^^ But touchups are required after meals because the gloss just disappears even though I tried to be careful. I did notice that my lips were not as dry in between touchups though, so the nourishing factor does count!
In a nutshell, Urban Decay's new Ultra Nourishing Gloss:
  • comes in a gorgeous packaging that's both decorative and functional
  • 9 shades of nude - Versatile or Boring, it's subjective
  • smells abit like playdough...but only noticeable if you stick your nose right at the tube
  • product is a tad sticky upon initial application but seems to settle in after awhile
  • covers slightly dry lips nicely with a luscious gloss that doesn't feel heavy on the lips
  • nourishing formula helps lips stay moist-looking after the product is wiped off or eaten =P
  • definitely requires touchups after meals, staying power doesn't seem to be a strong factor here

In all honesty, while I think it's pretty and all, it's unlikely I'd purchase this since it really doesn't pack much of a 'wow' factor in any area. *sigh*

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